Use Photoshop As An Editor For Your App

Automatic Real Time Photoshop Export

SketchMyApp can turn Photoshop into a custom app editor for your technical framework by automatically exporting PSD content and sharing it to the cloud.

Everything in Photoshop

Automatic Realtime Export

All artboards in your PSD will automatically get exported as PNG-images and JSON-metadata or a custom format for a real time preview in your app. Any changes will get automatically updated for a true WYSIWYG editor experience.

Everything in Photoshop

Custom Data Types

Create custom data types with contextual configuration by naming Photoshop groups as "Type:Name". Every type can have have custom configuration options and content validation rules to match the rules of your app.

Everything in Photoshop

Cloud Sharing

Automatically package the export files as a ZIP-archive and upload to Dropbox or Slack or your cloud service for sharing with other users.

Everything in Photoshop

Custom Features

Go beyond Photoshop and include advanced features like animations or scripting. We can create a custom interfaces for editing custom features in your app.


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SketchMyApp is currently in closed beta and we're accepting suitable apps to participate. Tell us about your app and needs and lets talk!

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