About SketchMyApp

SketchMyApp is being developed by Invasion Design oy, small mobile startup based in Turku, Finland. The founder and CEO of Invasion Design is Matias Kiviniemi, a mobile industry veteran with 10+ years of experience in research and development of mobile services. For any questions, plesase contact questions(at)shopmyapp(dot)com.

Privacy Policy

SketchMyApp uses Dropbox to sync your prototype files to your device and needs link with one folder in Dropbox account to do that. We have no access to any other files in your account and never store any copies of your files. We also value your privacy and only keep minimal amount of personal information that is necessary for delivering the service (e.g. name, email, usage statistics) and never sell or distribute this information.

External Credits

We'd like to offer thanks to following parties for offering free services and resources we've had the privilege to utilize